Dr Jason McDarra

Hand & Wrist Surgery

Dr Jason McDarra performs a wide-range of hand and wrist procedures. He specialises in arthroscopic (“keyhole”) surgery to address a range of underlying conditions and injuries. He employs the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques when performing hand and wrist surgery.

Hand surgery is the field of medicine that deals with problems of the hand, wrist, and forearm.

Hand and wrist surgery deals with both surgical and non-surgical treatment of conditions and problems that occur, including injury and infection.

It involves performing a wide variety of operations such as fracture repairs, releases, transfer and repairs of tendons and reconstruction of injuries and rheumatoid deformities.

If you have pain in your fingers, hand, wrist or arm, or have other upper-extremity related concerns, you may want to make a booking and have the matter looked at.

Specialist Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon based in Townsville

Dr Jason McDarra specialises in surgery of hand and wrist.

He is committed to patient care and strives for positive patient outcomes by working towards relieving pain and restoring function and flexibility, thus improving mobility. His primary goal is to work with you to get you back to your active lifestyle and help you restore your quality of life.

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